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"In memoriam", l'hommage de l'AFJK
Cahier de condoléances

Paris, July 27, 2005


Her family
and The French Korczak Association
has the sadness to inform of the death of

Madam Helena Granowska-Lecalot

Cofounder and vice-president of the International Korczak Association,
Former president of the French Korczak Association, from 1979 to 199O



She was at the origin of the first conferences of UNESCO ever devoted to Janusz Korczak in 1978 and 1979. Lena Lecalot was also at the basis of the french Korczak association which she was during a long term president. She took an active part in the creation of international Korczak Association in Warsaw in 1979. Up to the late 1990's she actively contribute to promote the history and the work of Janusz Korczak in France and internationally even though she was already suffering a weak health.

She died this last monday july 25, 2005 at the age of 88. In accordance with its wishes she has been incinerated. She rests in the cemetery of CLAIRA little village in the south of France close to Perpignan City (Pyrenees Orientales), near the mediterranean sea and the Pyrenees mountains and Spain, where she spends her last two years close to his son Michel and his family who is retired in CLAIRA.

The French Korczak Association expresses its sincere condolences to her family in France, in Israel, and in Venezuela and to all her numerous friends all around the world and to the Korczak International Association which she was from the first beginning a foundator and an active animator especially in Poland, Russia, USA, South America and Western Europe.

It is possible to address to the French Korczak Association condolences which will be shares and transmitted with her family. A special page "In memoriam" has been opened to Lena Lecalot in our Internet Web site if you wish to consult it.

Association Française Janusz KORCZAK