AFJK, Paris, september 8, 2004



Jacques DODIUK left us

French version

Souvenir : L'adieu de l'AFJK



The French Janusz Korczak Association regrets to announce the death of the one of its founders, a large witness of Janusz Korczak, one of the former pupils of Dom Sierot, the House of the orphans where it had lived from 8 to 14 years.

Jacques Dodiuk [photo] was in Paris the last surviving pupil of Janusz Korczak to transmit his memory. With an intact passion and its narratives each time renewed, he never ceased testifying to its years of happy childhood and of the exceptional conditions of its education.

Until the end, he has been very present and active within the Korczak Association of which he was member of Honor and where he regularly met the young people and the students working on the history and the work of the large teacher. Its last public participation dates back to the anniversary day of the thirty years of the AFJK, last 19 June in Paris.

Very regretted and loved Jacques Dodiuk is deceased on September 3, in its bed, during its sleep. The AFJK is in mourning which loses one of his more faithful friends and veterans. It express its more sharp condolences to its family and all her friends of the international Korczak movement, in Germany, Israel, Poland and other countries.

Association Française Janusz KORCZAK